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MUSHROOM CHOCOLATES: 5 Mushroom Chocolates To Try In 2024 In The USA

The year 2023 was a great year for the mushroom chocolates industry, as we witnessed the birth of many new players in the industry such as the Neautropics and Alice mushrooms.

Hence, the question on the tip of everyone’s tongue at the start of the year is which are the brands to take note of and keep track in 2024. Well, no need to worry as I provide you with my top 5 brands for this year. These brands were compiled using my own preferences. Before, we start I’ll provide you with the factors I used to make my list. The factors include:

  • Length of Trip
  • Quality of Ingredients
  • Personal medical benefits
  • Variety of Flavors
  • Appearance & Packaging

So, Let us  deep dive straight into the very first mushroom chocolate brand on my list

Funguy mushroom Chocolates

Fun guy Chocolates

No surprise, the Fun guy Mushroom Chocolates are the very first on my list. The Fun guy mushroom brand is based out of California and they were one of the stand out brands of the year 2023 and I see them continuing that in 2024. Going through my list of factors above:

  1. The trip last about 4–5 hours and is very intense with hallucinations guaranteed after consuming about 6 pieces even for those used to consuming mushrooms chocolates.
  2. The ingredients used are of the highest quality in the industry presently. They use couverture dark chocolates and grow their own functional mushrooms such as chagareishi and cordyceps.
  3. Unlike other mushroom bars, I can say that the fun guy mushroom chocolates actually do what they’re advertised. They helped me with my anxiety and stress levels. A friend of mine also confirmed that he has had the best sleep in a long while since he started micro dosing with this chocolate bars.
  4. The only fault I can give this brand is their lack of variety in comparison to many other top brand. It comes in only a single flavor which is quite limiting.
  5. The packaging is top notch and quite different from that of many other mushroom chocolates bars in the market currently. The list of ingredients used can be found at the back which is very useful and not so common in these industry.

In general, The fun guy chocolate bars are a solid mushroom chocolate brand and a must try for anyone that loves shroom chocolates.

Buy Fun guy Chocolates


Mantra Mushroom Chocolates

Mantra Bars

Mantra bars, are the second on my list and this might come as a shock to many being that it is a fairly small and new player in the industry. However, the quality of the product speaks for itself and I strongly believe they will be even better in 2024 with the release of their gummies and capsules collections. So, once again let us go through my list of factors to backup my claim for mantra bars:

  1. The trip last for about 2–3 hours and is even more intense than that caused by the funguy chocolates. Hallucinations are guaranteed as the team behind mantra bars wanted to create a mushroom chocolate bar for spiritual rituals.
  2. The ingredients used are of very high quality and definitely meetup with industry standards. They use premium chocolates and grow their own mushrooms. Unlike fun guy chocolate they don’t use functional mushrooms but rather use shrooms such as the golden teacher and penis envy mushrooms.
  3. The benefits I can say I got for sure after consuming mantra bars for an extended period include: reduced levels of stress and anxiety and higher levels of creativity.
  4. The mantra mushroom chocolates bars come in a variety of flavors. Each flavor has a different effect and can be consumed to achieve a different result. That is definitely plus for the brand and one of the main reasons they make my list.
  5. The packaging is also quite unique and minimalistic. However, a list of the ingredients used can’t be found on it which is a drawback.

The mantra bars are a top top brand and I believe It will get even bigger in 2024. If you are into spirituality and self discovery then this is the shroom chocolate brand for you.

Fusion Mushroom Chocolates

Fusion Bars

The third brand on my list is the Fusion bars. I have loved this brand since they were released and still believe they will be top 5 mushroom chocolates brand in 2024. This was the company that broke the duopoly in the mushroom chocolates industry that had been held by the one up mushroom bars and polkadot chocolates. That alone speaks to the quality of this brand but like any other brand we will still run down my checklist.

  1. The trip last for about 3–4 hours. It is not as intense as that of the fun guy or mantra mushroom chocolates. It is very beginner friendly
  2. The ingredients used are of very high quality. They use premium couverture chocolate with their own grown mushrooms. The team uses a combination of functional mushrooms such as reishi and chaga with other mushrooms such as golden teacher and penis envy mushroooms. This blend is what makes it truly unique.
  3. The benefits of these bars are well known. I have a lot of personal experience with fusion shroom bars and a lot of testimonies from several of my friends. This chocolate bars will help you combat anxiety, stress and depression.
  4. The fusion bars along with polkadot bars lead the pack when it comes to variety. They have over 30 flavors, so you can be rest assured you will find one that works for you.
  5. The packaging follows the general pattern of most shroom chocolate brands. However, information on dosing and a qr code to verify authenticity can be found at the back. This is definitely a plus in my book as there are a lot of fakes in this industry.

The fusion bars team is working on a gummy’s collection, so I expect them to be even better in 2024. Definitely recommend!!!

Neau Tropics mushroom chocolates


The fourth brand on the list is the Neau-tropics. This is a fairly new mushroom chocolates brand that caught the attention of many shroom chocolate lovers in 2023. I have a feeling it will do even better this year. Let us run down my checklist to find out why the neau-tropics chocolate make my list.

  1. Similar to the Fusion bars the trip last for about 3–4 hours. The trip is a little more intense than that of the fusion chocolates. It is still a good entry level shroom bar.
  2. The ingredients used are of excellent quality and match up to industry standard. They use premium quality chocolates with their own grown mushrooms. Some of the mushrooms used in the chocolates include: penis envy mushroom, golden teacher mushroom etc.
  3. The benefits of these neautropics are quite similar to that of the mantra chocolate bars. The bars are actually geared more towards inspiring creativity and spirituality.
  4. When it comes to variety this brand gets an A+, for a new brand they have a good number of flavors and even a collection of gummy’s. Rest assured you will find a flavor that works for you.
  5. The packaging follows the general pattern common to the mushroom chocolates industry. However, the lack of a qr code or another form of verification is a serious setback. This is due to the influx of fakes because of its’ increasing popularity.

Despite Everything, I still strongly believe It will be one of the top brands of 2024 and they have everything to be at the top for a long time.

Mr Mushies Mushroom Chocolates

Mr Mushies

The fifth brand on the list and by no means the last is Mr Mushies. It is actually one of my favorites and was actually one of the most sort after mushroom chocolates brands in 2023. As usual, I will do a quick run down against my checklist to show you why this brand makes my list.

  1. The trip last for about 4–5 hours. In my opinion it is more intense than that of fusion and neautropic bars but not as intense as that of mantra bars.
  2. The ingredients used are of the highest quality and measure up to industry standards. Similar to neautropics they use their own grown mushroom chocolates such as the penis envy mushrooom and golden teacher mushroom.
  3. The medical benefits of mr mushies is quite similar to that of many of the other brands on the list. The bars help with anxiety and stress and I also recommend them for people suffering from insomnia.
  4. This brand has an wide variety of chocolate flavors. They also have a collection of mushroom gummy’s so you will definitely find something that works for you.
  5. The packaging is quite similar to that of many top mushroom chocolates bars brand. It sleek and simple. An added benefit is that it comes with a qr code at the back to ease verification.

The Mr Mushies brand is definitely going to be one of the most popular brands this year because of the quality of their product and the team behind it. They have all the qualities of a top long lasting mushroom brand.

So there you have it, My predicted top mushroom chocolate brands for 2024. A few honorable mentions include the polkadot bars, one up mushroom, alice mushroom chocolates and Tre house chocolates.

However, Always remember that though they look like regular chocolates, they aren’t. Shroom chocolates can be lethal if not consumed appropriately. Make sure you are well informed before consuming any mushroom chocolates and have someone beside you if it’s your first time.


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